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If you already hold a BSN in nursing, you can have access to some of the most interesting nursing positions in the country. Nurses at the BSN degree level can often work in busy hospitals, medical clinics and specialty healthcare facilities. These professionals may be responsible for providing direct care to patients, performing diagnostic exams and assisting during the treatment process.

This line of work is great for people that have a desire to help others and those that exhibit a caring nature.

Consider a MSN Degree

Working at this level is a great option for those that wish to have a long-lasting career. Some people that obtain this degree, however, may see the need to move forward in their degree program during the course of their career. There are several reasons why someone might want to move to a higher level of degree in nursing, including more job opportunities, better pay and diversity with their career duties.


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Enter the Accelerated MSN Program

msn student looking at xrayThe paths to higher education for BSN nurses are quite vast. Students can choose traditional, online or even accelerated routes for obtaining the degree they desire. The quickest and probably most preferred route for moving into a diverse career is through accelerated BSN to MSN degree programs.

Choosing an accelerated degree program is a great way for nurses to move quickly through the necessary course work required to find advancement in the field.

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Outlining the Accelerated MSN

Accelerated BSN to MSN programs can allow you to pursue career options such as nurse practitioner, healthcare manager or even nurse educator. Depending on the type of role you would prefer to have after graduation, you should choose a degree concentration that can set you on the right track.

These exciting and accelerated programs contain all of the same material as traditional MSN degree programs, only these can be completed in around 1 year at most universities.


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Common Courses

Students that have spent some time in collegiate educational programs may know how important it is to find a great quality program to achieve their degree in. What a degree program consists of can set the foundation for your knowledge and expertise in the field, which can be a huge component in the types of careers that you can qualify for after completing your program.

Once you have located a goood quality program to engage in, you should thoroughly review the curriculum, in-person requirements and costs before solidifying your enrollment.

Our team of educational experts has been researching educational programs for over 10 years. These professionals have worked hard to provide you with relevant and reliable information pertaining to your chosen degree program.

Through a thorough review of some of the most popular accelerated BSN to MSN programs in the country, the team has learned about the common topics included in these programs.

The list below represents some of the core curriculum of MSN programs in the U.S. From reading below, you can see that there are courses related to specific members and groups in society, tools and techniques for effective nursing and methodologies for providing accurate reporting of symptoms and diagnoses.

Read more in this list to see specific ideas that can be covered throughout your program.

Women’s Health

In this class, students can learn about the healthcare needs, disease prevalence and treatment options for women. Students are encouraged to take part in extensive research and review of critical aspects of women’s wellness, disease prevention and wellness during childbearing years.

Symptom Science

Students in this course can learn how to conduct appropriate appraisals of evidence related to presenting symptoms. Measurement techniques may be discussed throughout this course, as well as treatment considerations for various illnesses. Focus in this course may be on indentifying symptoms, providing a thorough review and examination and research and development in symptomology.

Nursing Research

The field of nursing is constantly undergoing change and improvement. Students in this course may be required to indulge in several research projects that can help improve skills in personal research. Students are encouraged to use research as a means for staying up to date with the latest trends in nursing science as well to consistently improve their abilities in the field.

Advanced Health Assessment

Those enrolled in this course can learn the proper methods for administering a health assessment. Documentation, review and reporting are some of the main topics of this course, as well as consultation with physicians regarding follow-up treatment.

Intro to Professional Nursing

Students taking this class can begin with an evaluation of current trends and studies in the field of nursing. Throughout this course, students may look at nursing from a historical standpoint, in order to better understand the evolution of this field as a whole. Changes in the healthcare system and policy may also be reviewed as a component of this course.

How Much Does An Accelerated BSN to MSN Degree Cost and Take To Complete?

In order to make your search experience a little easier, our team of experts has looked at available programs throughout the country and provided you with a few immediate options for pursuing this program. The schools below offer 1-year BSN to MSN programs that can set you on track for careers in nursing practice, leadership or even education. Check out some of the high-quality schools listed below.

Choosing the right accelerated BSN to MSN program may require you to engage in serious considerations of the different aspects of your potential programs. Most students may be interested in the quality of their school, which can set the stage for the ease of licensure, accreditation and relevance of the curriculum. Other students may focus more heavily on the costs and the length of the program they choose.

The cost of a college education can be different depending on the source you are using for your information. Each year, the cost of degree programs change, making it important to become enrolled in a degree program now rather than waiting until a later date when prices have risen once again.

Costs for degree programs can be found in many forms, including tuition, university fees, technology fees, computer access, books and other course materials. Most universities can provide you with a list of specific fees on their website, which can help you during your research process.

The length of your chosen degree program can also be a great determinant of whether or not you want to move forward with admissions. Students in accelerated BSN to MSN programs may take a profound interest in the length of such programs, since a majority of these programs can be completed in about 1 year.

When researching a degree program that claims to be accelerated, you should make sure that the timeframes line up to others offering similar programs.

How Much Does An BSN to MSN Graduate Make?

If you are curious as to the amount you could earn as a nurse practitioner, read more in the section below. Our team has researched the average salary data for practitioners currently employed in the U.S.

As more healthcare agencies move towards providing nurse practitioners as primary care professionals in cities across the country, you could see a rise in these averages as the years progress.

Probably one of the most significant reasons why nurses choose to progress higher-tier degree programs is the monetary results. Since master’s level nurses can obtain certification as nurse practitioners, the ability to earn for professionals at this level can be significantly higher. In addition to becoming a nurse practitioner, professionals can also pursue MSN programs that specialize in healthcare leadership and even nursing education.

Common BSN to MSN Degree Questions

Do I have to have a BSN to enroll in this program?

There are plenty of options available for people from different academic disciplines. Direct-entry MSN programs cater to those that have bachelor’s degrees from different areas. This type of programming can also be found in online format.

Are there in-person requirements for this program?

If you choose a specialization such as family nurse practitioner, you may be expected to engage in a clinical experience prior to becoming certified. Specializations such as nursing education or leadership may not required any additional clinical hours.

Are schools available with multiple start dates per year?

Most schools offering accelerated degree programs offer numerous start dates per year. Some universities have start dates as soon as every 11 weeks. You should look closely at this factor when choosing a school for your accelerated program.

Difference Between BSN to MSN Versus Accelerated BSN to MSN

There are currently many different variations of MSN advancement programs available throughout the country. You should be aware of the differences between each program before choosing the one that is right for you. Each of these programs can provide advantages that are relevant to different lifestyles, including your own. Compare the differences between these programs to determine which route would be more beneficial for you to take.

The standard BSN to MSN program, or MSN program, can be found in both traditional and online format. This program may consist of around 2 years of additional education requirements depending on what type of specialty you choose for your program.

The standard BSN to MSN program is a great option for students that may require part-time enrollment, since it moves at a steady pace throughout its duration.

The accelerated BSN to MSN program can also be found in both traditional and online format. This program was designed for those that may be interested in quickly moving into master’s level work in the field of nursing.

There are numerous concentration options for MSN programs that can change the pace of the curriculum entirely, such as choosing nursing practice or nurse leadership. On average, this program can be completed in about 1 year at most universities.

MSN vs. BSN: What are the main differences?

Students that may be considering a move to higher degree programs may be curious about the actual benefits of pursuing a higher level degree. In some fields, a master’s level degree is often required for licensure. However, this does not apply to the field of nursing, since nurses can become licensed at the bachelor’s level.

In order to learn more about the differences between each degree level, our team has provided a break down of the benefits of both degree levels in the lists below. Read more to learn about the potential professional lifestyles for each of the degree levels.

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing is probably the most preferred degree option for those interested in the field of nursing. The curriculum is helpful to students that seek to provide hands-on care to patients in a healthcare setting, as well as act according to healthcare laws and guidelines.

The professional result of these degree programs is often working in hospitals or healthcare clinics that see patient for a wide variety of reasons. The list below shows some of the advantages and high points of pursuing a BSN and working at the BSN level.

The Master of Science in Nursing has grown into a completely independent field of nursing practice. This degree program can help current nurses become practicing healthcare professionals or even help members of different academic disciplines get their feet into the door.

Likely one of the most amazing attributes of the MSN degree program is its ability to create a whole new realm of nursing for those that choose to pursue it. This quick, yet thorough, degree program is a great way for students to advance their degree and enter a higher level of nursing in the field. Read more in the list below to view some of the advantages of this degree program and what it can provide in the field.

MSN Program Specialties

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